Espedeo Bundle #2

Espedeo Supra‐5000 RGB+ laser phosphor cinema projector.
Perfect for boothless, no hush-box mini-theatre installations and a truly movie-theatre-like experience at home and at sea.

The Espedeo Bundle #2 includes: 


Now it is possible to build a mini-theatre with fewer construction constraints and FF&E costs, even with a ceiling height as low as 3 meters (10 feet). The Supra-5000 is so compact that it does not require a standard projection booth. By facilitating ceiling mount without a hush-box, the Supra-5000 also opens the door for non-traditional exhibition options such as hotels, screening rooms and yachts. The Supra-5000 demonstrates the best possible projection system for mini-theatres and alternative venues from renowned technologists: Appotronics, GDC and Texas Instruments.

  1. Specifically designed for in-auditorium ceiling mount (no hush box). It is smaller, lighter and quieter when compared to other projectors with the same brightness level.
  2. Air cooled without exhaust.
  3. RGB+ Laser phosphor digital cinema projector with the world's leading ALPD 4.0 technology, achieving 99% of Rec.2020 color gamut.
  4. Light engine and lens are designed with IP5X level of dustproof protection for maximizing brightness.
  5. Lumens output: 5000 lumens with DCI colors.
  6. The only DCI professional-grade projector that does not require hazard zone clearance from the viewers and allows full utilization of the auditorium seating area. The Supra-5000 is certified as Risk Group 2 making it safe for commercial cinemas, homes and offices.
  7. Affordable DCI-compliant projection system offering amongst the lowest TCO thanks to its architecture and advanced technology.
  8. Built-in GDC's All-in-One-Board, which is designed with near-zero maintenance electronics and tested for 100,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).
  9. Supports 3D playback with Espedeo PM-2000B 3D Polarized System measuring over 30% light efficiency.
  10. GDC’s All-in-One Board provides diskless CineCacheTM (built-in cache memory). Content ingest and playback can be performed concurrently without local HDD storage. Incredibly fast ingest during playback.
  11. Supports GDC Cinema Automation 2.0 that stores and enables the playback of thousands of movies and auto power-on/power-off for projector's laser according to the pre-set schedules.*
  12. The Supra-5000 offers various built-in options for a 5.1 / 7.1 / 15.1 cinema audio processor and a 16-channel DTS:XTM decoder** that supports SMPTE ST 2098-2 immersive audio bitstream (IAB) standard. The Supra-5000 offers the capability to reproduce an incredibly deep, rich listening experience designed for 5.1 and 7.1 PCM uncompressed surround sound functionality. When the Supra-5000 featuring DTS:X Solution with IAB support, audiences can immerse themselves with object-based audio technology for a 360° audio experience.
    Espedeo offers an optional Audio IO (Input-Output) Box for Supra-5000, with a built-in 8-channel premium quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC), to interface with external audio equipment such as analog amplifiers, booth monitor, microphone, and media players. Espedeo also offers a 16-channel DAC option for analog output.
  13. Supra Command Center: an intuitive web-based control UI connected to the projector's built-in Wi-Fi or management network that can be accessed with a desktop, a laptop or a tablet.
  14. Option to customize magnetic cover to match with your ceiling color.


* Please visit www.gdc-tech.comfor Cinema Automation CA2.0. Note: tablet or handheld device required but not included.
** HI/VI output is not available when outputting more than 14 channels of DTS:X audio.

Supra Command Center

  • Integrated projector and media-player control
  • Screen setup and management
  • Cinema Automation setup
  • Show scheduling with Auto-Playlist
  • Intuitive web-based user interface accessible via compatible web-browser on PC, MAC, Android or iOS devices


Integrated media server (player) +
DCP playback

• DCI-compliant
• JPEG 2000 frame rate (fps)
  – 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 (2D)
  – 24, 25, 30 (3D)
• SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (DCP), Interop DCP

Video processing features

• Color-space conversion – supports YCbCr709, REC 709, X’Y’Z’, YCxCz
• Deinterlacing
• Scaler to support 2K


• NexGuard® forensic watermarking
• FIPS 140-2 (Level 3 security certified)


Subtitle overlay

Closed captioning device

Support SMPTE430-10

Integrated storage with options

• CineCacheTM 2TB

External storage with options

• Capable of direct connection to and designed for use with up to 204TB SCL Mk2 Series Centralized Playback Server
• Network-Attached storage (NAS)**

Supra command center +
Graphical user interface

• Integrated projector and media-player control
• Screen setup and management
• Cinema Automation setup
• Show scheduling with Auto-Playlist
• Intuitive web-based user interface accessible via compatible web-browser on PC, MAC, Android or iOS devices

Electrical, mechanical & environmental +
Dimensions (WxDxH)

480 x 803 x 275 mm / 18.90 x 31.61 x 10.83 in. 

Maximum Weight

47kg / 104.1 lbs (with lens 1.28-1.92:1)

Power requirement

• Type 1 rating: 200-240Vac 50/60Hz 4-3A (single phase) or
   200-240Vac (2W + C), 50/60Hz, 4-3A (dual live line)
• Type 2 rating: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 9-4A (single phase)

Power consumption


Operating temperature

5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)

Storage temperature

-10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)

Operating humidity

10% to 85% RH (Max.)




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  • Award 2
  • Award 3
  • Award 4
  • Award 5


For technical downloads such as drivers, firmware, manuals, drawings and documentation we would kindly like to direct you to our page.

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