Samsung Onyx and GDC Power Qina’s Luxurious Cinema in China

  • Exhibitor: Qina International Cinemas (Qina)
  • Location: China


  • Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen
  • Espedeo 3D Active System AL-1000P
  • GDC LED Player Unit LPU-1000
  • GDC Cinema Processor XSP-1000



Since March 2020, all cinemas in China suspended business due to the impact of COVID-19. This changed on July 20th, as cinemas across China resumed business, including the grand opening of a luxurious cinema with advanced technologies to enhance the moviegoing experience — Shandong Zibo Qina International Cinemas (Hong Cheng Plaza outlet).

Qina International Cinemas (Qina) is one of the rapidly growing cinema companies in China. Qina is a shareholder unit of Liaonin Zhongyin North Cinema Line Co. Ltd. with headquarters in Shandong province. Since its inception, Qina has opened 25 cinemas across China, totaling 192 screens and 24,803 seats.

Qina has always been a pioneer with respect to using the latest cinema technologies. From the rst 5-star cinema in Shandong, the rst digital cinema auditorium, early adoption of 3D and 4D, the rst Giant Screen auditorium in Shandong, the rst DTS:X immersive sound auditorium, the rst IMAX with laser cinema auditorium in Shandong, to the first Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen auditorium…the investments in new cinema technologies have consistently differentiated Qina cinemas from the competition. The newly opened Hong Cheng Plaza outlet is the 25th location for 2 Qina. The complex is approximately 8,000m with 9 auditoriums, and can accommodate up to 1,186 moviegoers. This new cinema is also equipped with the latest advanced technologies in sight and sound.


Currently, the cinema market in China is extremely competitive, with many cinemas competing with the same qualities and price points. Many mainstream investors are realizing that to stay competitive in the market a cinema must have distinguishable features that make it stand out. One of the most important features is using innovative equipment to deliver the best possible experience – an experience that will make moviegoers’ realize they are not watching a movie in the stereotypical cinema.


Since 2011, Qina has always stood by its business motto “Hold a foot in Zibo, march into Shandong, go big, go strong for Qina’s cinema brand”. Its strategy to differentiate is quite simple. Qina stands apart by continuously upgrading the amenities of its cinemas, professionalizing its image, and investing in technologies to enhance the experience. Even though Qina’s main market lies in China’s third and fourth tier cities, from the interior design to the equipment used in its cinemas, undoubtedly Qina has withstood its high standards. The Hong Cheng Plaza location introduced numerous new technologies including the Onyx Cinema LED screen, DTS:X immersive sound and LUXE giant screen.

Being the first again in Shandong to use new technology

The rst ever Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen in Shandong is located at Shandong Zibo Qina International Cinemas (Hong Cheng Plaza outlet) auditorium 6. Qina is using this advanced technology to achieve a “bigger, brighter, better” experience at the Hong Cheng Plaza. Standing at 455 inches (width 10.3m, height 5.4m), the image is playbacked with GDC’s LED player unit LPU- 1000, offering audiences ultra-clear 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), and employing High Dynamic Range (HDR) to deliver deep blacks. The Onyx cinema screen delivers accurate color, an in nite contast ratio and rich, clear and precise imagery with the peak brightness as high as 146 foot-lamberts (fL), which is 500 nits. With the Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen, audiences are guaranteed true black color, along with trillions of bright vivid color, displaying the movie surrealistically close to reality.

From the installation of China’s rst LED screen till now, Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen has become an icon for luxury cinemas. It is a hot investment item for cinemas in China because the screen is suitable for different applications with adjustable brightness. Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen can satisfy the conventional requirement of the standard environment necessary for cinemas with 14fL playback brightness. When necessary, keeping half the cinema lights on for a children-friendly screening, the brightness can be adjusted to 22fL, while not degrading the moviegoing experience. During business events, the screen can be adjusted to up to 146fL to ensure an amazing image quality.

Sounds matters

Qina believes watching movies is not just about what you see, it’s an experience that takes you on a journey into the fantasy world. Hence, Qina has always been known for “perfect-sound” in its cinemas. The majority of auditoriums at Qina’s cinemas are equipped with immersive sound. Not just any immersive sound, 17 out of 25 of Qina’s International Cinemas use DTS:X immersive sound, and in these 17 cinemas, there are a total of 26 DTS:X immersive sound auditoriums.

At the Hong Cheng Plaza cinema, two of its nine auditoriums are equipped with DTS:X immersive sound systems. The multi- dimensional immersive sound system object-based sound technology is achieved by GDC’s LPU-1000 LED play unit together with XSP-1000 cinema processor. DTS:X immersive sound system does not con ne to the sound channel signals, it can accurately deliver sound from different locations by installing surround sound speakers on the walls and ceilings in the auditorium. This audio arrangement allows the sound to perfectly match with vision, giving the audience a mesmerizing experience that makes them immersed into the world of the movie.

With Qina’s market insights, Qina has equipped its cinemas with quality sound systems earlier than its competitors, and has realized that providing an immersive experience for moviegoers would become a competitive advantage that Qina holds.


With its advanced technologies and our brand management, Qina is con dent to make its chain into landmarks for movie entertainment. Qina’s CEO, General Manager XiuKun Ding said, “Currently, the competition in China’s cinema market is erce, cinema efficiency has declined, at these times, upgrading technologies is not a bad choice. From now on, cinemas will pay more attention to the cinematic experience, to do so, cinemas would use technologies that would help increase management and operational efficiency, and this will become the foundation to the development and survival of cinemas. GDC is an uprising new force in cinematic technologies, showcasing a high level of professionalization in their playback products and audio technology. Choosing GDC makes us possible to achieve a win-win for cinematic experience and efficiency. We hope that we will continue to maintain this harmonious cooperation with GDC to maximize the value in technology, to make it a win for all parties.”

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