Revitalising of the Independence Hall of Korea

With the use of Samsung Onyx cinema LED screen, 4DX system, and DTS:X technology, it is expected that the interest and satisfaction of visitors will be increased.


– Jung yeol Im, manager of The Independence Hall of Korea
  • Exhibitor: The Independence Hall of Korea
  • Location: South Korea


  • Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen IC025H P2.5
  • Espedeo 3D Active System AL-1000P
  • GDC LED Player Unit LPU-1000
  • GDC Cinema Processor XSP-1000



The Independence Hall of Korea is located in the central part of South Korea, approximately an hour drive from Seoul. (Address: 1 DokRipGiNyeomGwan-ro, Mokcheon-eup, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea). Opened on August 15, 1987, it has the largest exhibition facility in South Korea, with a total floor area of 23,424 square meters, it is best known for telling Korea’s history, sharing the spirit of the Korean nation and Korean’s dignity.

The Independence Hall of Korea is a huge complex comprising of seven main exhibition halls and a 4D Theatre. To make history more interesting and interactive for younger generations, the Independence Hall of Korea had a 5-month renewal project from July to December 2019 to upgrade the 4D Theatre by replacing the projection system with a Samsung Onyx cinema LED screen. The key audio visual systems of the Samsung Onyx cinema LED screen are powered by GDC and include its LED Player Unit, Espedeo™ 3D active system and DTS:X™ immersive audio solution. This comprehensive solution specifically designed for the Samsung Onyx LED screen delivers incredibly lifelike images in 3D and rich, realistic immersive sound as the director intended. The original amplifiers and speakers were replaced with MAG Audio’s sound system while the new 4D system was improved with the seats reduced from 160 to 94 to provide for a more comfortable and spacious 4D experience.


The first challenge was to improve the quality of the 3D imagery displayed by the digital cinema projection system. The next challenge was to enhance the limited 4D functions, which only offered wind and vibration effects. Given the desire for better 3D and 4D effect to wow the new generations, top management of the Independence Hall of Korea decided to refurbish the old building, and replace the previous projector-based system and cinema screen with the revolutionary cinema LED screen technology that also supports playback of 4K content.


Experience of Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen 3D
The 10 meter Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen powered by GDC’s LPU-1000 LED player unit and Espedeo’s AL-1000P Encrypted 3D active system, which is able to playback 3D content with superior quality when the audience wears the active ultra-light weight 3D glasses.

Jung Yeol Im, Manager of the Independence Hall of Korea said, “from Samsung’s cinema LED screens to 4DX systems and DTS:X immersive sound, all the arrangements in the Independence Hall are harmonious and interesting. First of all, the Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen displays the vivid color captured by the cinematographer on the screen. Although it was generally difficult to perfectly reproduce the black color levels on the existing movie screen, the Samsung LED screen can clearly show true black colors with its infinite contrast ratio. The Samsung LED screen allows moviegoers to see the light source directly. The clarity is not lost even if the surroundings of the screen are bright.”

Experience of DTS:X immersive sound

Coupled with the Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen , the 4D Theatre introduced the first GDC immersive sound solution featuring DTS:X immersive audio technology in Korea. DTS:X immersive sound is delivered by GDC’s LPU-1000 LED player unit and XSP-1000 cinema processor. DTS:X immersive sound has earned rave reviews from various exhibitors around the globe for replicating a real-world sound environment. “The DTS:X sound has a three-dimensional effect that makes it feel as if the sound is alive. No matter where I sit, the sound seems to come towards me. Thanks to the sound, I feel like I am in a real movie.” Mr. Im said.

Ray Seok, CEO of RNR, the local system integrator of this wonderful renewal project also commented, “I am very honored to introduce DTS:X for the first time in Korea. Samsung Onyx and DTS:X combination is the powerful and immersive solution for the places which require a differentiated method to deliver best audio/visual experiences. We made the very important first step with this combination and we are very confident in the success of it.”

When DTS:X integrated with amplifiers and speakers from MAG, a renowned audio equipment manufacturer in Europe, the whole solution offers a true cinematic immersive sound, yet incomparable price-performance ratio.


After renovation, the 4D Theatre has become the most interesting place among many halls. In the current state-of-the-art 4D Theatre, during the 15-minute screening, viewers wearing 3D glasses can experience realistic special effects with a large screen, wind system, vibrating seats, for a dynamic cinema experience that makes moviegoers feel as if they were the protagonists themselves.

“With the use of Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen, GDC’s DTS:X technology and 4DX system, it is expected that the interest and satisfaction of visitors will be increased. The short animation produced by the Independence Hall gives dream and hope to the visitors through the experience created by the vivid imagery of the Cinema LED screen, the stereoscopic sound of DTS:X, and 4D experience generated during the movie. I think it will help to establish the national identity and correct national view by showing the national history of national tragedy and national development.” Mr. Im said.

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