Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screens

IC025H P2.5 and IC033H P3.3 Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screens are sold with GDC’s LPU-1000 player unit for secured content playback. Hear the difference! Samsung Onyx Cinema LED screen is able to deliver rich, realistic DTS:X immersive audio with the GDC XSP-1000 cinema processor. With the optional Espedeo 3D active system AL-1000P, the LED screen come to life when moviegoers put on the active ultra-light weight 3D glasses.


With the world’s first cinema-ready LED display Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screen, theatres can become a destination for an unparalleled viewing experience to wow moviegoer. Samsung Onyx takes theatre technology to the next level by bringing 4K LED picture quality to the big screen, delivering a more powerful and captivating picture that makes viewers feel as if they are part of every scene. This also includes peak brightness (146fL), accurate color presentation and distortion-free uniformity to bring content to life.

Samsung Onyx screen deliver an exceptional LED imagery

  • Improve precision with ultra contrast by improving perceptual resolution and delivers onscreen content with precise, true black colors.
  • Deliver brilliant HDR content by introducing High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement technology to produce a sharper and more detail-rich presentation.
  • Align brightness and color accuracy by achieving this optimal balance by maintaining perfect color accuracy for a range of hues even at peak or near-peak brightness.

Option to deliver 3D cinema content
Moviegoers will be amazed by the elevated realism of Samsung’s Onyx 3D LED Cinema screen. With 3D, you’ll be able to read subtitle text easier and images will come to life right before your eyes the second you put on your 3D glasses. With it high brightness, Samsung Onyx overcomes the low quality presentation you often experience with traditional projection 3D systems.

Specifications (IC025H P2.5 / IC033H P3.3)

Physical +
Pixel pitch

2.5 mm / 3.33 mm

Pixel configuration

1 red, 1 green, 1 blue

Diode type

Surface Mount Device (SMD)

Dimensions (WxDxH)

639.8×899.8×118.9 mm (per handle)

Weight (per cabinet)

P2.5 - 14.2Kg
P3.3 - 14.5Kg

Cabinet construction

All aluminum construction

Optical +
Brightness (typ/max)

P2.5 - 48nit / 300nit
P3.3 - 48nit / 300nit (Max 500nit at HDR cinema mode)

Contrast ratio (in darkroom)

∞ : 1

Viewing angle – horizontal


Viewing angle – vertical


Number of colors

281 trillion colors

Gray scale intensity


Color temperature – default

DCI-P3 theater (x=0.314, y=0.351) (factory calibration)

Primary colors – default

DCI-P3 theater (xR=0.68, yR=0.32 / xG=0.265, yG=0.690 / xB=0.15, yB=0.06) (factory calibration)

Color temperature – adjustable

6,500K (x=0.3127, y=0.3290) (factory calibration)

Primary colors – adjustable

REC 709 (xR=0.64, yR=0.33 / xG=0.3, yG=0.6 / xB=0.15, yB=0.06) (factory calibration)

Electrical, mechanical & environmental +
Video rate (2D)

24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 Hz (2K) / 24, 25, 30 Hz (4K)

Video processing

DCP (12bit XYZ), 100% digital, no compression

Cabinet – input power range

100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption – max (500nit full white)

P2.5 - 190 (W/Cabinet) / 329.9 (W/㎡) / 30.6 (W/SF)
P3.3 - 200 (W/Cabinet) / 347.2 (W/㎡) / 32.3 (W/SF)

Power consumption – typ (48nit full white)

P2.5 - 63.7 (W/Cabinet) / 110.5 (W/㎡) / 10.3 (W/SF)
P3.3 - 67 (W/Cabinet) / 116.3 (W/㎡) / 10.8 (W/SF)

Heat generation – max (per hour)

P2.5 - 648.5 (BTU/Cabinet) / 1,125.8 (BTU/m2) / 104.6(BTU/SF)
P3.3 - 682.6 (BTU/Cabinet) / 1,185.1 (BTU/㎡) / 110.1 (BTU/SF)

Heat generation – typ (per hour)

P2.5 - 217.2 (BTU/Cabinet) / 377.1 (BTU/m2) / 35.0 (BTU/SF)
P3.3 - 228.7 (BTU/Cabinet) / 397.0 (BTU/㎡) / 36.9 (BTU/SF)

Refresh rate

3,072 Hz


Pixel to pixel – Module to module

Calibration white point

D63 – 6,300K, D65 – 6,500K

Calibration standards

DCI-P3, REC 709

Working temperature / humidity

0~40 °C (32~104 °F) / 10~80 %

Storage temperature / humidity

-20~45 °C (-4~113 °F) / 5~95 %

LED lifetime

100,000 hours to half brightness

Connectivity +

3 x RJ45 (1000 BaseT)


x 2


2.0 x2, 3.0 x1


x 1 (24, 30, 60 Hz @ 2K / 24 Hz @ 4K)


x 2 (24Hz @ 2K)

Certification +

DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives), CE/UL, EMC Class A, Safety 60950-1

Service +

Rear Service

Package +
Box dimension (WxDxH)

777 x 205 x 1037 mm

Box volume (m3)


Package weight (kg, per cabinet)

19.9 kg



  • Award 1
  • Award 2


For technical downloads such as drivers, firmware, manuals, drawings and documentation we would kindly like to direct you to our page.

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