Espedeo PM-2000A Polarized 3D System

The Espedeo PM-2000A is a standalone polarized 3D system developed for digital cinema projectors supporting high frame rate (HFR) content in 48 and 60 frames per second per eye. The PM-2000A has multiple coatings that helps to project bright, clear images by precisely and efficiently varying the polarity of light passing through it to help eliminate ghosting. The PM-2000A is designed for easy operation by detecting 2D and 3D signals, which enables the system to shift corresponding working positions automatically.

The PM-2000A is suitable for a digital cinema projector installed on a pedestal. The stand can be adjusted from 750mm (29.5 inches) to 1,495mm (58.86 inches) to fit a projector with different height levels. It is slim and lightweight (less than 15kg; 33.07 pounds) for installing in different projection booths. The PM-2000A offers modular parts, a simple connection, and a fan-less design for easy installation and maintenance.

Combined with Espedeo passive 3D glasses, you’ll experience vivid and lifelike 3D imagery with bright accurate colors. 


Espedeo PM-2000A Polarized 3D System is a standalone passive system for DLP Cinema digital cinema projectors. It delivers lifelike 3D images in vivid color.


3D filter size +
3D filter size

186mm x 104mm (window size)

Luminous efficiency +
Luminous efficiency

≥ 30% (for Espedeo Supra-5000 Projector)
16% ± 1% (for other DCI-compliant Projectors)

Maximum screen size +
Maximum screen size

18m (59ft) width

High frame rate support +
High frame rate support

48fps, 60fps per eye

Projector luminance +
Projector luminance

Maximum 33,000 lumens

Response speed/time +
Response speed/time

<0.15 milliseconds

Screen linear polarization ratio +
Screen linear polarization ratio


Power input +
Power input

12V DC 1A (connected from 3D interface)

From power converter (optional) +
Power input

100-240V AC 0.2A 50/60Hz

Power output

12V DC 1A (through the synchronization cable)

Synchronization signal input +
Synchronization signal input

3D interface (15 pin)

Polarization type +
Polarization type


Cross-talk rate +
Cross-talk rate


Operating temperature +
Operating temperature


Operating humidity +
Operating humidity


Dark time +
Dark time

650-850 μs

Output reference delay time +
Output reference delay time

-120 μs




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